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Server restore – server backup pays off

August was a challenging month and we have been evaluating some of the issues we faced. A customer had a big issue when the drives on one of their [...]

Is an automatic off-site server backup worth a pint a day?

I am sure many people will have seen the following statistics. 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years. The survival [...]

3 Lines of Defence

Your business is not at war but you do need to defend against adversity and the unexpected.  Every day there is potential for things to go wrong that will stop people [...]

Applications, Appliances and Virtual Machines

Practically all business computing is driven by software programs using Windows and Linux servers, the most used business operating systems.  These systems allow us to run several applications and [...]

Virtualisation cost comparison – HC3, VMWare & Hyper-V

There are many reasons for looking at virtualising your infrastructure and computers and the decision will not be on cost alone.  There are a number of potential systems and suppliers, [...]

BYOD – questions we are asked

What is BYOD?  You see this in lots of places and everyone assumes you know the answer.  It may be one of those questions you don't like to ask [...]

One year on, HC3 is in the press

Scale computing HC3 is one year old and the computer press is starting to talk about it. "Nutanix and Scale Computing are two good examples of companies using Hyperscale [...]

Success stories are good for everyone

If you define success as the achievement of something planned we all have far more success than failure; as a result we tend to take success for granted.  A success [...]

August, a difficult month?

August is not a holiday month for everyone, in fact it can be quite stressful for those in a small business.  People are covering for those away and doing unfamiliar [...]

Growth through flexible technology

Christopher Bayliss asked me to run a short workshop on "Achieving FastGrowth through flexible Technology" for the Vector board.  The objective was to show the need for flexible technology through an overview [...]

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