A few days ago we had a power cut.  Not a frequent event but certainly predictable and one we cater for.  This happened in the middle of the night and the power was off long enough for the servers to shutdown.

Normally on resumption of power the servers reboot and users would know nothing about it.  Not so this time, one server failed to restart.

When this happens one of the first things you do is check your backup, and in this case the last scheduled backup was good.  The stress is immediately reduced, you can tackle the issue of the “broken” server with confidence knowing that in the worst case you can recover the server without loss of information.

I am happy to report the issue was resolved and the server was successfully restarted; the backup was not required.  Well worth the “pint a day”, as mentioned in a previous blog.

If we are to believe the press the risk of power cuts in the future is getting greater not less, this is confirmed by ofgem’s website Electricity security of supply:

“Our current assessment (updated in June 2013) is that the risks to electricity security of supply will increase in the next five winters…. the risk of electricity customer disconnections will appreciably increase from near zero levels.”

Not a comfort giving statement, so it is worth looking at how secure the supply is to your business?  When was your last power cut?