My colleague Adrian cycled to Cornwall for his holiday last weekend. A journey of about 180 miles over Dartmoor, I think this was quite an achievement.

This week before he left we discussed some of the risks and difficulties he might encounter, not because we are pessimists but this is part of what we do for a living! In order to increase your chance of success you need to consider the downsides as well, so that they do not get in the way. One piece of kit he took on his trip was a puncture repair outfit, just in case of a flat tyre.

At the end of the journey I sent a message to ask how his trip went, he replied that it had been a tough ride and that he’d had three punctures on route. Not great, that means a puncture every 40 – 60 miles depending on how you calculate it. What a good job that he had prepared and taken several patches with him.

Technology in business is no different; a puncture is not a disaster if you are prepared, it was predictable and with the right preparation the problem was minimised.