Heard of this saying? It’s often used when talking about preparing to attend an interview or perhaps doing a speech of some sort.

The same saying could however be used in the scenario of data backup. If you don’t make a plan of what to do in the event of data corruption or server failure then you may have failed. Sound harsh? Well perhaps it is, but as the person responsible for IT within your business, it’s your duty to think of these things.

It’s much better to have a plan and be in control of the situation, then panic and not know what to do next. Knowing you have a secure, safe and easily retrievable system backup for your server saved is a great start.

Shadowprotect backup software takes an exact moment in time image of your server and automatically backs it up to your chosen location/s.

You can retrieve it quickly and easily. By testing the process you can plan for server failure to ensure your business keeps running.