In our view a backup is only viable if you can recreate the original working computer system.  This is why we favour image based backups over file based ones.

A backup has two key purposes:

  1. to recreate your system should there be a disaster and
  2. restore information that has been lost, often through user error.

Image based backups achieve both of these well and there are a number of products that can do this.  We favour ShadowProtect because it falls into our “Proven” category, i.e. we have operations experience and can support people with the product.  As my colleague Adrian says,

“If I have a ShadowProtect image I know I can recreate the failed computer.”

In an ideal world we would like all our customers to have good backups and practise restoring from backup; in fact one of our most astute customers uses ShadowProtect and can restore a key server with significant data from backup in 20 minutes.  Many other customers recognise the need for backup but do not want the trouble of the discipline and practise required.  In these cases we can take on the tasks of monitoring, checking and undertaking tests like virtual boots and rebuilds against a programme designed for individual needs.

Backup is vital to every business and we are keen to help people find the best solution for their needs, from a single PC to multiple servers on multiple sites.

We think image based backup has a major role along with local and cloud based storage, it is most important to know what you need and what to do when you have to resort to your backup.