It’s likely as a small business owner your server is stored in a secure place, perhaps in a dedicated room or cupboard, but it’s unlikely to be in a server rack.

Having just one or two servers you probably don’t see the need to store them in a rack and you are probably right, but how do you make sure your server is keeping cool?

Overheating is a common problem for IT professionals to deal with. Here are just some of our top tips to keeping your server cool:

  • Maintain airflow  – remove any obstacles from your server to ensure air circulates around as much as possible
  • Install a temperature monitor – this keeps you aware of any change in temperature. Try to keep the room below 77 degrees or less.
  • Keep it clean – Remove dust from the area

Should overheating occur, damage can be caused. It could result in a power outage, loss of data or even permanent hardware failure.

Keeping cool and having a backup copy in a data centre will ensure business continuity.