August was a challenging month and we have been evaluating some of the issues we faced.

A customer had a big issue when the drives on one of their servers started to become corrupt.  This took a little time to establish conclusively and we had to go back to the previous day when the corruption appeared to have started.  We were able to restore the server into a Xen virtual machine using StorageCraft independent hardware restore.  We used a Xen virtual server with free capacity, a part of the resilience built in ready for this type of event.  We also identified the new files that had been created and copied these from the “bad” server to the good one.

People were able to continue working because we were able to mount the drive while the backup was restored and no data loss has been reported.  A bit of a difficult time, but disaster was averted and very little time was lost.

This incident was resolved remotely with the servers over 200 miles and at least a 4.5 hour drive away.

In addition I am pleased to report that we were part of the 44% (mentioned in our last blog) who successfully recovered information after a recent data recovery event.