I am not surprised the question of power security has hit the press again.  The short answer to what happens when you lose power is simply stop  and wait until power returns.  While true for people, this is not the case for servers because they do not take kindly to a sudden loss of power and data corruption can ensue.  We have had to restore from backup more than once after a sudden power loss.

To protect against sudden power loss servers need some form of battery backup (UPS) to either shut down properly or to keep them running until a reserve or alternative supply is connected.  For a small office the UPS is all that is required, after all no power means no lights, heat and the PCs don’t work.  Often now this is not the case, information in one office is shared with another office, and the other office has power.  In addition many people have portable battery powered devices where a short break in power is not a problem, this also means they can move to a place where power is available.

System backup and resilience is an important topic for all businesses small and large.  Unproductive time costs you money and loses you valuable income from the interruption in your service to customers.  Backup is your backstop for when things go wrong, resilience is how you keep going and handle and manage those events you can predict.

Time to consider what happens when you lose power, before the cold weather and the potential blackouts, which I hope do not happen.