August is not a holiday month for everyone, in fact it can be quite stressful for those in a small business.  People are covering for those away and doing unfamiliar jobs.  Uncomfortable in some ways, good in others.  Business continues and clients are also stressed for the same reason, so it can be quite testing for everyone.

Half way through the month and we have had a couple of unusual computer events totally unrelated to holiday, the fixes were not.  We were tested when we would preferred not to have been, however we have come through and there is good satisfaction in that.   We hope to appear like swans in a fast flowing river, serene on top and paddling madly below.

I hope the 2nd half of August runs smoothly for everyone and I am looking forward to September; the start of a new term and an opportunity to evaluate how things went.  I think August can provide a rich learning opportunity for us all, particularly when people have to play in different positions.