What is BYOD?  You see this in lots of places and everyone assumes you know the answer.  It may be one of those questions you don’t like to ask because you don’t want to appear “a bit of an idiot”.

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and Wikipediagives a good explanation. What does this mean for business? That is a different question and will be something to tackle in the future, but it is much easier to call someone to discuss it.  That is what we want people to do, we think the end of the week on a Friday afternoon is a good time to do this.

These days nothing stands in isolation, particularly with business IT.  If you want to change or add something new there is normally a knock on effect through your organisation, so it is good to talk to people like us who have experience with several organisations. Very often the things you want to do have been done before and we are keen to share our experience with others.