HC3 – 1 year party

Yesterday I went to HC3’s 1st year UK celebration; but what is HC3 I hear you ask?  Well let me tell you. “HC3 is the world’s simplest and easiest to use virtual machines and storage [...]

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What happens when you lose power?

I am not surprised the question of power security has hit the press again.  The short answer to what happens when you lose power is simply stop  and wait until power returns.  While true for [...]

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Backup- there when you need it

A few days ago we had a power cut.  Not a frequent event but certainly predictable and one we cater for.  This happened in the middle of the night and the power was off long [...]

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Image based backup – do you need it?

In our view a backup is only viable if you can recreate the original working computer system.  This is why we favour image based backups over file based ones. A backup has two key purposes: [...]

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Server restore – server backup pays off

August was a challenging month and we have been evaluating some of the issues we faced. A customer had a big issue when the drives on one of their servers started to become corrupt.  This [...]

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Is an automatic off-site server backup worth a pint a day?

I am sure many people will have seen the following statistics. 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years. The survival rate for companies without a disaster [...]