Success stories are good for everyone

If you define success as the achievement of something planned we all have far more success than failure; as a result we tend to take success for granted.  A success story is normally a good story [...]

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August, a difficult month?

August is not a holiday month for everyone, in fact it can be quite stressful for those in a small business.  People are covering for those away and doing unfamiliar jobs.  Uncomfortable in some ways, good [...]

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Growth through flexible technology

Christopher Bayliss asked me to run a short workshop on "Achieving FastGrowth through flexible Technology" for the Vector board.  The objective was to show the need for flexible technology through an overview of the changing IT landscape for [...]

Be resilient, be prepared

My colleague Adrian cycled to Cornwall for his holiday last weekend. A journey of about 180 miles over Dartmoor, I think this was quite an achievement. This week before he left we discussed some of [...]

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Heard of this saying? It’s often used when talking about preparing to attend an interview or perhaps doing a speech of some sort. The same saying could however be used in the scenario of data [...]

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Daily Routine Interupted

When you arrive at the office each day what are the first things you do? Make a cup of tea? Have a quick chat with your colleague about where you went for dinner last night [...]

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