Christopher Bayliss asked me to run a short workshop on “Achieving FastGrowth through flexible Technology” for the Vector board.  The objective was to show the need for flexible technology through an overview of the changing IT landscape for business, also to illustrate the speed and direction of technology change.  I’d like to think the workshop was informative and people understood some of the effects of these changes and the questions they might ask. I prepared a mind map to give an overview and as a “road map” for the workshop.

Mobile and tablet devices will soon be as powerful as the “traditional” business pc, we will be able to work anywhere at any time.  We may still be bound by the speed of our internet connection, but that is also getting better with the advance to 4G.

This workshop was deliberately not a sales pitch,  so I did not emphasise how we can help by providing:

1. Secure and reliable backup, onsite and offsite.
2. Reliable, Resilient and Recoverable (R3) infrastructure using HC3 virtual computing.
3. Business systems and storage in a data centre. We currently work with C4L who have facilities throughout the country.

Although technology moves on, looking after your business information is a fundamental that does not change.  There is a reluctance for businesses to become too reliant on others, hence they are cautious in embracing the cloud.

Next time I will ensure I do a better “sales” job.