Yesterday I went to HC3’s 1st year UK celebration; but what is HC3 I hear you ask?  Well let me tell you.

“HC3 is the world’s simplest and easiest to use virtual machines and storage appliance.”

Anyone looking at virtualisation and storage needs to put HC3 at the top of the list to investigate.  I have not met anyone who is not impressed once they have seen it.  Users are even more impressed. What is more Scale are not standing still, their up and coming SCRIBE technology will make HC3 even easier and more capable.

Congratulations for a successful first year to Pat Conte and the US team as well Simon and Ian in the UK.  Yesterday I met people from France, Sweden, and South Africa but I still think HC3 is the industry’s best kept secret.

We all need to help HC3 become the most talked about product in the virtualisation and storage industry.

Will this happen in Year 2?  I think we will be well on the way, HC3 is here to stay.