Scale computing HC3 is one year old and the computer press is starting to talk about it.

“Nutanix and Scale Computing are two good examples of companies using Hyperscale to deliver virtualisation solutions.” As stated in a Computer Weekly article.

We think this technology is ready for every business that is ready to review or renew their computing infrastructure.  This approach enables a business to continue to use everything they have now and provide a platform for the future through virtual computing and clustered storage.  “Hyperscale/Hyperconvergence” technology means that additional computing power and storage can be added and the network simplified.  This can all be easily managed within the business with only a few new skills and without the need to hire expensive consultants.

Every organisation should have a computer strategy and HC3 should be looked at as part of the overall strategy.  Whether you are making the first steps into virtual computing  and a Storage Area Network (SAN) or have already done so the 5 key reason for investigating HC3 are:

  1. You can incorporate your existing servers and network and maximise your investments
  2. High availability and resilience is built in, reducing the risk of down time
  3. The ability to and add computers and storage as the business grows and demand changes
  4. Provide a computing platform for the next five years and beyond
  5. HC3 is very price competitive when compared to systems that give similar benefits

The “cloud” is being sold by the industry to us all as the way forward, this may be the case and we believe “Hyperconverged” technologies with virtual computing and storage have a major role to play.

HC3 is now one year old and the industry is starting to take notice, watch this space.