There are many reasons for looking at virtualising your infrastructure and computers and the decision will not be on cost alone.  There are a number of potential systems and suppliers, and for a more complete view the cost comparison will include hardware, software and implementation costs.  As a starting point it makes sense to compare hardware and software because you can argue the implementation costs will be similar.  Whichever route you take a simple comparison between hardware and software costs makes sense, particularly as HC3 claim a 300% cost difference over the two main competitors VMware and Hyper-V!

A 30 application installation on HC3 comes in at about £750/application while the direct comparison for VMware is £2,300/application and with a similar cost for Hyper-V.  If, like me, you assume there has to be some catch for such a dramatic difference and so tend to dismiss it without further investigation.  In this case I think the claim is worth looking at further, particularly as it is so clearly laid out in their document “THE ECONOMICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL IMPACT OF SCALE COMPUTING’S HC3” .

While many people will not be setting out to virtualise 30 applications they may feel the cost comparison does not apply, however, the document also shows that the hardware costs alone are claimed to be half that of the two main competitors.  This in itself is a pretty good starting point, so HC3 is well worth investigating.

Please contact me if you find some of the terms and points a little obscure.  The document makes several good points and there is a lot of information on one page, but I think this comes at the expense of using IT  jargon!