Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 covers the basic IT needs of users and businesses. We suggest the best ways to buy and use Microsoft Office 365 and can help you migrate files, mailboxes and other data to the Office 365 cloud. More >


When something is stopping you from working, you need help – fast. That is why our helpdesk is manned by a friendly team of experienced, competent technicians who can immediately assist. We support Windows, Mac, apps, printers, servers, networks and so on. More >


Day-to-day support of your users and network fall under our support service. However, there will also be times when you need to make a larger change to your IT infrastructure which we would undertake as projects, for example:

  • On-premise projects involving servers, networks, firewalls and so on.
  • Cloud migration projects such as data migration to Office 365
  • Datacentre and Azure projects if you are considering moving servers offsite.

Read more information on our Infrastructure services here.

Remote working

This is where your users are working from locations away from the office network. Office 365 can help with many remote working requirements, but sometimes an application or data can only be accesses in the office. We can help setup remote access for users by using VPN or Remote Desktop. More >