On-Premise, Datacentre and Cloud

Traditionally, an IT infrastructure (typically comprising servers, laptop/desktops, phones, printers, networks, routers and Internet connection) would have been entirely on-premise. These days there are other options, including the ability to run some or all of your servers offsite, or even moving your whole infrastructure including desktops and network into the cloud. 

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How can InfoSysCo help?

There will be times when you need to make a substantial change to your IT infrastructure that needs a degree of project management. For example:

On-premises projects. These include things like a server or firewall replacement, backup and disaster recovery, a virtualisation project, a new Internet connection, or a printer/scanner setup.

Cloud migration projects. Often, these will be Microsoft Office 365-related, such as email migration to Exchange Online, or file migration to SharePoint or Azure SMB.

Datacentre and Azure. You may want to have a serverless office, but cannot yet move all your applications to web-based versions. You could consider moving servers either to a private datacentre or to Azure (Microsoft’s cloud datacentre), with a connection by VPN.

We are very experienced IT project engineers. Our unique blend of project management, technical expertise and user-friendliness means we can make changes with very little disruption to business activity.


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